“I wish it would never stop snowing.”

The first time I saw you, it was the middle of December, Ohio. It had been snowing a lot that Winter, more than the last 2 or 3 for sure. I’m basing my assumption on the size of the snow piles created in the parking lots of Target, Walmart, etc etc. These mini mountains are slightly less mini this year, and thus I have deemed this Winter to be more intense than normal. 

Or maybe that intensity was just me meeting you.

Did you feel the same thing I felt? Not an obvious sense of “O damn, I’m definitely gonna fall madly in love with this person”, but more of a quiet sensation, just a little something that made me quite certain I wanted to see you again. 

And again.

And maybe a few more times after that.

I remember trying to come up with an excuse to hold your hand as we walked into the restaurant for our first dinner together, but my brain wasn’t working at 100%, so your hand eluded me. But after a dinner filled with laughs and smiles and a definite sense of “Okay, we’ve got crazy chemistry,” I noticed it was snowing. Years of living in Ohio has trained my brain to react to snow with disdain, something along the lines of “O great, more white bullshit, because I just love having to waste an extra minute in the cold to clean off my car.” Yes, the snow meant a fresh layer of frozen rain would be coating my car, lowering the visibility of every driver around me, not to mention making the roads and sidewalks extra dangerous and slippery and….and…

I don’t know if I’ve ever had an epiphany, where a light bulb would click on over my head, but if ever there was a moment in my life for the light bulb to turn on, it was right there.

The snow was so fresh the restaurant hadn’t even had the chance to shovel their front walkway, so things could get a bit dicey, but I considered this a stroke of divine intervention. The Lord himself was bending the weather to give me the perfect excuse to hold your hand, and I wasn’t about to waste it. I only hesitated a moment before I reached out and grabbed your hand. Naturally, you turned towards me, and I simply gestured to the white-out swirling around us before saying “It’s getting a bit dangerous out here, I wouldn’t want you to fall.”

Your response was “Well now if I fall, we’ll both just fall.”

And I swear, this is the only time my ass has ever had a smooth response, and I’m glad it was with you. You said that, and then I said “Well, falling for you, that doesn’t sound so bad.”

You laughed. And you gripped my hand a little bit tighter. And we walked the remaining 100 or so feet to my car, hand in hand. And I’ve never been a fan of winter in general, but in that moment, all I could think was, “Well damn…”

~I wish it would never stop snowing~

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