“In a world that’s constantly trying to tear you down, there’s always meaning in standing back up.”

You’ve spent so much time breaking your own heart, you’ve forgotten what it means to be whole. You think you are only half filled, half complete, but you weren’t born that way, and you’ve lost nothing over the years that you can’t grow back all on your own. You are still bright, my firefly. You still own that summer twilight. You have more than enough life left inside of you to fly on your own power. Of course you can still ask for help, because nobody has ever lived without the help of those around them. You can lean on people, for as long as you need, to build yourself back up. You are still shining, my firefly, so you need not fear the night. You may be tired, with wings that have been bent or broken, but nothing you cannot mend. You are your own light, never forget that.

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