Drawing from the well of experience I’ve gathered over the past 25 years of existence, I can draw one solid conclusion about my life: I’m a coward.

I’m spending my days folding up clouds and lining my pockets with dandelion flowers. Cradled in the allure of these soft, sweet distractions, it takes a moment for my mind to register that I’m shivering underneath a waterlogged sweatshirt. I think I want to walk away, to find some cover from the rain, but the roar of thunder in my backyard breaks what’s left of my fortitude. The ground rushes to greet me, so I close my eyes, countdown from 3, knowing that I’ll never make it back to 1, back to the beginning. 

Because I know I’ll never get the chance to see you again, and I only ever felt like I was living when I was with you. If you’re gone, I can’t start anything… but I can’t let you go either, so nothing has ended…

And nothing can change.

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