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I don’t know how it works for the rest of the world, but I fall in love in more ways than I can count.

We arrived at the theater right as the previews were starting. I was happy, because I love trailers and having something to look forward to. You always made it a point to gauge my reactions to every trailer, but regardless of my level of excitement you would enthusiastically proclaim that we’d go see that movie, then the next, and so and so forth, until we apparently will be viewing everything coming out for the rest of forever. I would point out how impossible that would be, but that didn’t seem to bother you one bit. In fact, you relished in the challenge, proclaiming in a voice barely above a whisper (it was a movie theater after all)”

“Have no fear! I’m pretty sure it’s my job to make the impossible possible for us, so we’ll figure it out! I mean, we do have forever.”

You were a bit too perfect, weren’t you? I mean, you weren’t even trying to be sappy and romantic at all, that’s just how you were.

Goddamnit, you were so freaking perfect..


I believe all people are bits and pieces, and throughout life we can gather pieces from others or give some of ours away. Some people are only out to take everything they can, while others will give until they have nothing left, but most of us fall in between. And yet there are those people who will defy all logic and simply toss there pieces into the trash, for nobody and nothing at all. I don't know if it's possible to get back those pieces that have been thrown away, but this blog is all about my journey, to try and find out if someone who threw away everything for nothing can find something, or anything at all...I'm just looking for a reason to keep on living.

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