Not every single night, but very, very close..

I find my mind wandering in squares. I would say circles, but my moods are to extreme. Going in a circle is a gradual climb up up up, followed by a slow and steady curve down down down. I hit the top, ride the good ride and enjoy being in the clouds, living a dream. My fall is sudden, drastic, epic. I am left in the filth of my own ignorance and I remain there, no more ups, simply living in a hell of my creation.

My heart is not as strong as I think it’s supposed to be. I am constantly living with the fear that I am unloved, even though I am surrounded by love. I feel like I must be born on the wrong planet, breathing the wrong air, because I constantly feel as if I am waiting on someone to hold my heart and steady its beats until I feel…okay.

4 thoughts on “Not every single night, but very, very close..

    1. I felt this piece was disjointed, because I wrote the first half and came back for the second after having to take a break. I normally won’t come back and add anything to my writing, preferring to get it done in one sitting or not at all. But I felt like this one showed me something. And I did change my theme a few weeks ago! I’ve been messing with the theme and trying to get more writing done on a regular basis, to expand the blog!

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