I wasn’t afraid to fall, so my head never left the clouds, and you never gave me a proper warning, and my wings melted away, and I believed you when you said you’d carry me, and I kept on smiling, even as my body hit the ground.

I listened to their words and let them slowly poison me. Their mouths drip with the sweet allure of brilliant gold used to hide beneath it a torrent of unmitigated disaster. They take from your flesh, tearing away your Auburn days and leaving behind those cyanide times. Silly child, begging to be unraveled but not knowing what that meant; lose is never something humans can grow accustomed too.

Looking down, I see the red
Looking up, an empty room
Looking back, I see nobody
I’m still standing in an empty room.
Clocks are running sideways
I twist to read the blinking 8’s
It’s no wonder it’s so cold here;
No longer is this up for debate.

Call it a gut feeling, destiny or fate
I swear you won’t change my mind.
Call it stupid, this picture of red
But for me, it’s perfectly fine.
Is it sadder that I truly believe that
Or that I know that it’s not true?
I used to want someone to stop me
I was really hoping it’d be you.
The red will fade, and then return
I will make sure of that
Will I look more closely next time?
Or will this red fade to black?

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