She wakes up every morning to the same sights and the same pain. It’s those images, the black-out curtains, lack of a working ceiling light, and the hideous antique lampshade, working in tandem, that break her heart a little more every day..

Lying next to nothing but extra pillows and a bedside table, you realize how truly expansive a queen sized bed can be. Reaching as far as the former planet Pluto, it is just as cold when you are lying in that galaxy of a bed alone. It stretches so far that when you look out from your side you cannot even see the other end; it is just an empty field of fluffy covers marbled with rolling blacks and dark blues. To simply state the obvious, your bed is quite the lonely kingdom; a comfortable prison, a world of soft and sweet smelling sheets, all built up just for you..

A quick glance at the radio/clock by her bed reveals the time: 2:47 AM. Now, what time did she lay down and try to get some sleep for the night? It must have been sometime around 11:00 PM. Roughly 4 hours, then, has she laid in that bed, her mind racing at a million miles per hour, and, like most angst filled young adults, she has spent the past 4 hours rehearsing in her mind what she will say tomorrow to the cute girl who always talks to her at the library, what she should have said to that rude ass server during her shift at work, how she will fix the world and make tomorrow the day she changes everything, and last but certainly taking up over 90% of her thoughts are the words she wished she could say to the girl that broke her everything..

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