I know what fear tastes like, how it sinks into your soul and creates…dark, so much darkness that everything is a shadow or unlit alley, and I can’t even run because I have no idea if I’m running away from the danger or getting closer to it.

Red wine is what comes to mind

When I think of how you poison me.

It’s slow, delicate and good in small doses

But I’m overwhelmed and drowning in your sea.


You are bitter to some, smooth to others

It just depends on who you ask

To me, you are nothing more than an addiction;

I’m always looking for the next glass.   


You don’t rob me of my senses, but slowly

You work your way into my veins.

I’m not sure when you tipped the scales

And managed to drive my blood insane.


You turn me vulgar, you turn me sweet,

But of course those are just my lies.

I want you to be the real cause

But more likely that’s how I am inside.


You are my muse, the perfect drug;

Classy but able to break my will

So be my escape, my fast getaway,

Please, pour enough for the kill…

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