An Introduction to my latest addiction: Louane – Maman

Yesterday while at work, somebody walked by my desk and asked what I was listening too. As I’m always eager to share my music with everybody, I pulled out my earbuds and let loose the clean French Vocals of Louane. At this point in my life I’ve built up a reputation for loving music in languages I cannot speak. I have a very basic understanding of Japanese and Spanish, and I can work my way around a French restaurants menu thanks to my obsession with cooking shows. I feel like Louane is a very modern French Pop star with clear, beautiful vocals anybody can get addicted too, and is the perfect launching point for people to expand their musical tastes into another culture. Also, the songs just beautiful, right? And it feels as if I have not been able to share many beautiful things on my blog lately, so I’ll let Louane give some light to my otherwise pitch black blog posts! Enjoy!

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