The brilliance of Lil Pump and the wonder that is “Gucci Gang”

The first time I heard this song I was caught off guard by how profound and moving it was, to the point that calling it a song failed to do it justice and I began referring to this as simply “the highest form of audible art”. The first lyrics heard, 10 seconds in, “Gucci Gang”. It’s a strong reminder of the struggles one goes through when trying to show individuality in a society that strips us of such wondrous gifts. It hits home; we must always be wary of the machinations of those in power. The next line is Lil Pump asserting this anthem as his own while also repeating the phrase “Gucci Gang”, to make sure it’s drilled in our brains that although this is his achievement, we are all worthy to have it grace our eardrums. With that solid base lodged into our hearts the song continues into what can only be described as the greatest chorus every recorded.
“Gucci Gang” is repeated 8 times, and this number is no accident. Remember that old joke from elementary school? Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate (8) 9. This repetition is clearly drawing upon the listeners fond memories of childhood, when something as simple as the concept of numbers eating one another was seen as nothing more than a “funny time”.

We were all fools.

Don’t you see? We are the young, the “6”. We MUST be afraid of the elder, the “7”. But why? Well, because it is human nature to consume to survive, and so it goes that “7” “ate (8)” “9”. We are the 6, a concept Lil Pump even uses outside of this video and song – This video was released on 10/23/17. And what’s 23-17? 6. And what’s 6+10? 16, which is a “6” with a 1 in front of it. We are the first generation to live with our hearts and minds open; we are not sheep. We are not content to be lead by those in front, the 1+6, the “7”. We will not be afraid of those who feel before us to there greed, the “9”. We shall rise up, creating a better world, and we will lead by example.

The rest of this chorus speaks to how Lil Pump will lead us 6’s.

“My bitch love cocaine”, as in being high; we are the generation who sets the bar higher and higher, always reaching for the top.

“I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name.” Physical attractions should be expressed, not shackled down. Restricting our bodies is the same as restricting our souls, so we must let go. Let go of the judgement from society, letting ourselves do as we please, and in the process “forgetting” the names of those around us, as our connections are far deeper than superficial names.

“I can’t buy a bitch no wedding ring.” Have you even SEEN Blood Diamond?! Jewelry is a scam, and we will not buy into such shallow and pedantic things.

“Rather go and buy Balmains.” What does one do after a War? How do you re-build? Where do you even start? Well, in 1946 Pierre Balmain found himself faced with that very same question, but saw the truth; it was not “WHERE” to start, but what you start to “WEAR.” Thus, true fashion was born. A comfortable as a second skin, but allowing us to shed our layers with our moods, to reflect on the surface our inner turmoil, Balmain is the definition of rising from the ashes and becoming the face of the future.

I would continue, but at this point I think it is clear the depth Lil Pump has placed in this masterpiece. Only 130 seconds, but in those scant 130 seconds Lil Pump deliveries a Doctorate Degrees worth of knowledge. We are truly blessed to be living in a world where such beauty can exist.

Thank you Lil Pump, you are as close to perfect as humanity will ever be.

One thought on “The brilliance of Lil Pump and the wonder that is “Gucci Gang”

  1. I never really thought of it that way, mainly because I never heard the whole song. I left it when the start was heard by me. But damn, this did make sense.


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