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It’s not that I dislike silence, but sometimes I wish I still had the strength left to scream.

Sound is so light, breathing like a morning cast in fog

Hold your breath now and wait for the fall

All along the sweet castaway, sweet darling of mine

Watched ever so quiet in the back of my mind


Sound is so soft, breathing like a mouse in the walls

Hold your breath now and wait for the fall

All along, these lights that surround me

Are they lights to guide the way or lights to set me free?


Sound is so bare, breathing like a broken clock

Hold your breath now and slowly turn the lock

All along these sweets that I desired

They taste so bitter, bitter pills from bitter liars


Sound is now gone, breathing alone in this empty room

Hold your breath now; it will all be over soon

All along, you longed for that sweet embrace

Silence wraps its arms around you and begins to take you away