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Thank you, and good night.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the fantastic humans who found their way to my blog. It was this support that kept me going the past 2 years, but I always knew this was just going to be a detour. I ran out of words, and I’m to tired and angry to build myself up enough to go find new ones, so I’ll just call it and at least end things on my own terms. Thank you, everybody. Please keep writing, sharing and supporting each other, and above all else, be kind.

Goodbye, and good luck. I’ll catch ya’ll on the flip side.


I believe all people are bits and pieces, and throughout life we can gather pieces from others or give some of ours away. Some people are only out to take everything they can, while others will give until they have nothing left, but most of us fall in between. And yet there are those people who will defy all logic and simply toss there pieces into the trash, for nobody and nothing at all. I don't know if it's possible to get back those pieces that have been thrown away, but this blog is all about my journey, to try and find out if someone who threw away everything for nothing can find something, or anything at all...I'm just looking for a reason to keep on living.

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